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About Us
A major problem in our world is the prohibitively large geographic distances separating people, resources, and opportunities. Friends may be too distant from each other, companies may have a hard time finding efficient employees and customers in different countries, and students in developing countries may not be able to access educational resources available in other countries. According to UNESCO, the overall literacy rate of Africa is under 60%, and primary school enrollment is 50% as of 2001. Also, unemployment is becoming a serious issue all over the world.

WingNow is a revolutionary social website. People can establish online identities and interact virtually, bringing people together putting geographic limitations aside. WingNow is designed as a website with several major uses: creating social networks on innovative levels, helping employees and businesses work more efficiently through virtual technology, and making education readily and freely accessible for everyone.

WingNow¡¯s social networking functions go beyond traditional websites like Facebook and Myspace. Users are allowed to connect through text, voice, and video all at once. WingNow allows people to have fun with karaoke, sports, and other activities. By making an average webcam into a motion-sensing device will make activities easier and more realistic. Users can also go shopping and watch streaming content such as shows, movies, and concerts with friends.

Another important feature of WingNow supports businesses and organizations by supplying virtual business space and office tools. It will utilize innovated concept of cloud computing and web 2.0 technology. This function will connect customers to businesses, businesses to employees, and businesses to businesses. Businesses can operate with less cost, more efficiency, and they can sell their products and services. Even small, local businesses can become global by connecting with WingNow. Businesses can keep up keep up with current technology and business innovation.

In addition to bringing businesses and organizations together, WingNow can bridge the gap between educational organizations and people, bringing schools online and utilizing free or low-cost educational material. WingNow service is compatible with low-spec devices, so the material can be accessed by anyone with a computer or mobile device. Mobile or internet coverage in developing and developed countries can connect and bring educational services to anyone. Just like the adage of giving a man a fish versus teaching him to fish, we will give people the opportunity to grow.

On October 23rd, 2009, the domain was selected to match with the business idea and is working towards a grand opening mid-2010. WingNow requires an initial investment of $50,000. The break even point will be a year from the release of the website. The services will operate through fees from profit-based businesses and not from individuals or non-profit organizations. This will make sure that the most possible clients have access, especially the people with less than $2000 annual income.

WingNow removes the distance limitation and individual circumstance that prevents people from benefiting from the resources of the world. The privilege of birth and location no longer becomes a determinant to social, business, or educational success. WingNow is the answer.

Thank you,

Shawn Cho
Director of WingNow

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