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General Information

    Name: NSTech.Ltd
  • Type: Online shopping Mall
  • Location: New Zealand & USA

  • DSLR
  • DJ Gear
  • Game
  • HeadPhone
  • Others
Contact Us
About Us

How To Order?

How To Order

Thank you for buying a product from NSTech, Until we have automatic cart built in, All the transaction has to be in manual process.

  • Select the item from our Product Page
  • Please deposit a total amount to one of our ASB Bank Account And Contact them Via Email

  • Title: Manager
    Name: Chi S Luo
    Bank: ASB Bank

    Acc Number:


    Phone: 021-867-388

    Find Me at TradeMe:

    Title: Sales Manager
    Name: Wayne Chen
    Bank: ASB Bank

    Acc Number:


    Phone: 021-040-5558

    Find Me at TradeMe:

  • Once we've confirmed the payment in our bank account and your email, We will ship the good out to you. Please include the reference number in the payment details.
  • Please advise and include your phone number by email once you've made the payment.
  • Please also provide me your delivery address

Thank You,

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